We extend heartfelt gratitude to Sheriff A.a Anbalagan , Chief of Police From IPD Serdang District, for personally leading a delegation to our swiftlet’s nest processing facility. This esteemed visit not only showcased the high regard of the Shadeng District government for local businesses but also underscored the leadership’s active concern and support for economic development.

During the inspection, Sheriff A.a Anbalagan and the team meticulously delved into our swiftlet’s nest production processes, the sophistication of our equipment, and our production standards. They conducted a comprehensive examination of our production site and engaged in in-depth discussions with our management team, gaining insights into our company’s developmental journey, current status, and future plans.

Sheriff A.a Anbalagan’s on-site inspection undoubtedly injected a powerful positive energy into our swiftlet’s nest processing facility, inspiring us to more actively engage in technological innovation and elevate product quality. This visit has also laid a solid foundation for establishing a closer cooperation with the local government, paving the way for future development.

Once again, sincere thanks to Sheriff A.a Anbalagan and the team for their visit. We will continue our commitment to innovation and enhancing product quality, contributing even more significantly to the economic prosperity and development of the Shadeng District. We look forward to mutual collaboration that propels economic growth, creating a brighter tomorrow